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Roofing System Warranty Options

Offering Extended Warranties on Quality Roofing Installation

Legacy Roofing Services prides itself in installing high quality roofing systems. One thing that sets up apart from most other installation contractors we carry the highest level of credentials with all major roofing manufacturers. This allows us to offer extended warranties that are not available to other contractors who do not have the proven track record that Legacy Roofing Services has.

The words “Lifetime Warranty” are very commonly presented to homeowner. This “Lifetime Warranty” is very misleading and almost always does not provide the proper coverage the homeowner is expecting.

Warranties options can be very misleading. Legacy Roofing Services will always provide you with all of the knowledge that you need to make the best decision possible in regards to replacing your roof system.

If you are having your roof replaced, you need to have Legacy Roofing Services involved so we can show you the difference!

Here is a good example the differences between a typical “Lifetime Warranty” and a true Extended Warranty:

Featuring the GAF Lifetime Roofing System

“Typical” Competitor’s Shingle Warranty

OUR Deluxe Warranty

Manufacturing Defect Coverage For Lifetime Shingles

● Overall coverage period Lifetime Lifetime
● Up-front (100%) coverage period Only 10 yrs. 50 yrs.
● Covers roofing system (Not just shingles)? NO
(Just shingles)
(Entire system)
● Cost of installation labor included? Only 10 yrs. Lifetime

Workmanship Coverage For Lifetime Shingles*

● 100% coverage period Only 2 yrs.
(Typical coverage offered by Contractor)
25 yrs.
(Coverage provided and backed by GAF)
● Misapplication of certain flashings covered? Only 2 yrs.
(Typical coverage offered by Contractor)
25 yrs.
(Coverage provided and backed by GAF)

Helps Prevent Problems

● Does roofing job include any exclusive 40-point factory inspection of completed roof? NO YES

Peace of Mind*

● Contractor factory certified? NO
(Anyone can install)
● Tear-off costs included? (when necessary) NO YES
● Disposal costs included? (when necessary) NO YES
● Warranty transferable for free? MAYBE YES
● Good Housekeeping protection on roofing system? NO YES
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